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General contact information

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The company's residence is at Nýsköpunarmiðstöð Íslands (Innovation Center Iceland), Reykjavík.

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Telephone number: +354 5707200

Fax number: +354 5229111

E-mail: vottun(at)vottunhf.is


Vottun hf.

NMI, Keldnaholti,

112 Reykjavik



Any comments or complaints regarding our service or operations can be made via phone or e-mail (see above and below).  All complaints are processed in a formal manner according to our procedure in cooperation with the person who submitted it.

Processing complaints: Complaints are formally received and processed. When someone complains the first step is to determine if immediate action is needed, and if so, action is taken. Then the complaint is registered and handed on to a personnel responsible, and the one who complained informed. The incident is analyzed and an appropriate solution found, in cooperation with the one who complained. Solutions are reviewed and approved by the managing director. However, if he is involved in the subject of the complaint, an independent individual takes his place. Vottun hf. determines, together with the certified client and the complainant, whether and if so to what extent, the subject of the complaint and its resolution shall be made public.


Kjartan J. Kárason director

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Phone: 570-7201    Email: kjartank (at) vottunhf.is



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Vottun hf. —    NMÍ, Keldnaholti    —    112 Reykjavík    —    sími: 570-7200    —    fax: 522-9111    —    tp: vottun@vottunhf.is    —    kt: 590691-1439